There will be no video with fresh ideas as I will not be trading tomorrow. Instead, I will be teaching an online class about the methods I rely upon for finding low risk high potential reward trading ideas and managing risk. If you are going to trade tomorrow there are still some good setups amongst some of the recent stocks I have analyzed in the videos over the last couple of days. Remember that with options expiration it is likely that we will see a rather uneventful trading session so if you do trade, keep your share size lower than normal. DEFENSE WINS THIS GAME!

I do a terrible job of linking out to some of the other great blogs out there so I will leave you with a few that I think can help you not just tomorrow, but in general.

In the past I have referred to Brett Steenbarger as one of the hardest working guys in our business and he has recently added intraday commentary about market action at his TRADER FEED site. Brett also does a great job of scouring through the blog world and sharing links of valuable posts on HIS OTHER BLOG (I told you he was a hard worker).

Roger Nussbaum always has some excellent insights about the macro picture of the market including ETF’s, foreign shares, options and presents his views with a refreshing sense of humor. Roger also just added videos to his site, make sure you bookmark RANDOM ROGER

Options trading is a tough game and Pete Stolcers has a tremendous and successful track record trading options along with ability to explain his methods clearly, check out 1 OPTION

Two other blogs which I am sure you are familiar with are KIRK REPORT
Both of these blogs already get tons of traffic so it is unlikely you are hearing of them here for the first time. Charles (kirkreport) and Mike (tradermike) are both active and successful traders who are very generous with their time and knowledge. If this is the first you have heard of these blogs,WELCOME TO THE INTERNET!

I didn’t mean to come up with a list of favorite blogs because there are a lot of other fine blogs which I have not mentioned but I will in the future.