No, not the professional team. My son’s senior recreational league who won another game yesterday and are now 4-0 with a combined score of 164-0! They DOMINATE! It cost me another $15.00 too. For every sack that Matthew makes by himself I pay him $10 and for participating in a sack it’s 5 bucks. It’s cool to see my son standing out on an excellent team. The coach is a funny guy, one of the things he says is “we don’t punt, we make other teams punt!”. I don’t think the team even has a punter. On the opening drive yesterday, the Rams got backed up to their own 15 yard line and it was fourth and 20, guess what they did? They went for it, and it worked! In fact they scored a TD on the play. If I was the coach, I would have punted. I guess that is why I am a trader and not a football coach 🙂