I just concluded the Trend Alingnment class that I have been mentioning on the blog and here are the first reviews of the class.


Thank you for the Trend Alignment class this morning. You and I have very similar beliefs with regard to what is important in the market. However, I have not been able to translate those beliefs into a consistent trading strategy, and you class has help move forward on that front.

Honestly, your class was far more valuable than the $7K I once spent on a Caribbean “trading camp”… OK, not a much fun, but far more valuable!

Thanks again, and no need to reply… I understand.


Hi–I attended today and it was a good class. Lots of material, and it was good to see the details of your trading style put together into an overall approach that is simple but makes a lot of sense. I’ve picked up bits and pieces following your blog, but I appreciated seeing the entry points, trend criteriaetc. quantified in the presentation. I feel I canbetter set up scans for potential trade candidates and recognize what is happening at specific points on the charts after seeing/understanding your analysis. And last, the reason I’ve been following your blog is tha tsome of the trades work, which is the best confirmation that what you are doing works.Thanks–Dan D.