Each day I recieve numerous emails that request me to look at certain charts and mention them on the videos. Unfortunately, the videos would go on way too long if I analyzed all of these stocks, so I usually send a polite email denying the request. I am open to trying something different. If you send me an email NO LATER THAN NOON Eastern Sunday, then I will do a special video to be posted on Monday.

Some warnings
-Your stock will be only analyzed if you tell me what your anticipated timeframe is in the trade.
-Let me know if you are considering the stock as a long or a short sale.
-I will analyze no more than 2 stocks per person (if you try three, you will get none).
-Stocks myst trade on NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ. No foreign or bulletin board/pink sheet stocks.
-I will be honest with my analysis and you may not like what you hear, please do not take it personally if I do not like your idea.
-I will not be making “recommendations”, just offering “observations” from the way I would trade it based on the timeline you outline.
-I will not take “news or fundamentals” into consideration, if you mention news I will ignore it as part of the analysis.
-I do not want to know how much you own or at what price you own it, that information could make me feel bad for you and I may hold back my honest opinion.
-I am not always right, you will get my opinion only. Take my opinion into your consideration but trade based on YOUR analysis.

Failure to observe these warnings will result in your request being ignored (not trying to be mean, just maintain some control).

You can either send me an email (alphatrends@gmail.com) with the subject line “chart request” or post your request in the comments under this post (do not place the request in a different comment box).

Let’s see how this goes, it should be interesting (fun;-) HL