One of the most common email questions I receive is “what screener do you use?”. You may have noticed the banner ad on the right hand side of the page, it advertises “THE PROFILER”. I had a large role in the development of this screener at and it is the screener I use. Click here to view a short video on how to use the Profiler for finding timely stock ideas.

If you are interested in learning more about The Profiler, I will be conducting a free online webinar tomorrow morning at 11:30 AM Eastern. I will show a live demonstration of how to conduct screens and will be able to answer your questions live via the 1-800# teleconference feature. If you are interested in attending, REGISTER HERE If you experience any difficulty signing up online, call 1-877-MKT-WISE and ask for Dennis, he will be able to help you get registered.

Whatever you do, do not just sign up for the Profiler on the Marketwise site, because I will be offering a discount in the seminar tomorrow. You will be given a coupon code during the free seminar tomorrow which allows you to purchase it for $24.95/ months, which is a $10/month savings on the price shown on the signup page.

The seminar should last approximately 30-45 minutes, however I do not mind going longer if there are a lot of questions.