Commment from July 21 regarding my advice to sell short HANS the day before when the stock was at $48.

LOL regarding HANS you shorts become more road kill, time to dig more graves on MON$TER Boot Hill. HANS working on a good looking consolidating range around the 50dma, waiting for earnings release in early August. 2007FPE is just 29 and 2008FPE 21. With a growth rate of 31% and PEG of 1.37 even below industry value at 2.09 and inline with the market as a whole of 1.35. And all that without considering AB distribution and BTW this company will be bought out, just a matter of time. Short? LOL~threadogg

I do not know who “threadogg” is or what/where MON$TER Boot Hill is, but I hope he/she sold his position, the stock is now trading under $33, 31% lower.! In a bear market, they get all the former high fliers and today HANS is getting crushed. When a stock is breaking down, the fundamentals do not matter. Fundamentals follow technicals. This stock was showing signs that there was something wrong before it had news today and good traders listen to the stock, not the media.