I’m new at day trading so please bear with me and I have one question. Today you said on CYBS to buy at the price of $11.10 and stop at $10.76.
Do I put in a market order at 11.10 or do I keep it on my screen to see where it is and buy should it hit the price of 11.10?



The intent was to buy as the stock rallied above short term resistance at 11.10 and to then set a stop, the order you would set is a “buy stop” at 11.10, you could also use “buy stop limit” buy 11.10 stop with limit of 11.20 or whatever you are comfortable with. If you watch the market throughout the day you could manually buy the stock as it crosses the 11.10 level.

I am long the stock with a stop at 10.98 limit 10.90 right now, the weak market action does not give me much confidence in any long positions right now.