I just couldn’t bring myself to looking at a bunch of charts for three and half hours of low volume trading tomorrow, so no video with ideas for tomorrow. I will have another video with market observations and fresh stock ideas for Wednesday, you can expect this video sometime tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you are looking for some good market insights, visit Trader Mike (I suspect that many of you found my site thanks to the nice link he gave me on Thursday). Also, I am humbled my the incredibly kind review of my blog by someone who goes by “bulltrapper” at Trade Guild, be sure to bookmark this site as one of your favorites, the author has a lot of market wisdom, a good nose for the market trends and finding the right stocks to exploit them.
If you have a little extra time check out Xubby ,it is my twelve year old sons blog. He has some cool videos and optical illusions posted on it. I didn’t tell him I put this link up and I know that he would be thrilled to see his hits go up, it is nice to know someone is enjoying the content work on.