Let’s get the Fed out of the way

Hi Brian, Thanks for your email. We apologize for the frustration you areexperiencing, and appreciate your feedback about our web-based uploader.This system is still relatively new, and we are working through someissues. At times, videos will not go live instantly if problems areencountered in the initial encoding process. We understand that timeliness and reliability are … Read More


The most annoying part of the videos not uploading properly is that it is hit or miss. One day they all work great and the next day, nothing. Today’s closing video ran slightly over 10 minutes so I couldn’t try to upload to youtube. I sent it to GOOG, who now has three of my … Read More

Contrarian Play?

Hi BrianDo you think BSX as a contrarian play may have room to move upwards? RegardsEric Eric,No, there are very few contrarian plays I am interested in and I am always hesitant to mention them. BSX has shown no signs of stabilizing yet, perhaps once it begins to show those signs you might consider a … Read More