BIDU (click chart to enlarge) (BIDU) reported better than expected earnings last night and the stock is soaring in response. Already this morning there are a group of Chinese stocks without any news that are gapping higher, is this a sympathy move based on the BIDU play? If it is, it could make what was looking like a quiet Fed day a much more exciting day for trading. Stocks bidding higher this morning are CAAS, CTRP, JRJC, and IIJI . Other China related stocks not bidding up at this time (and with decent charts) are; ASIA, CHINA (view viedo about CHINA below), CHNR, CMED, CNTF, GIGM, KONG, SINA and XING. Put these stocks on your board today, it is very common for traders to start looking for other stocks in the group where there is a big mover.