The NY Auto Show begins April 14th but the media has access and already CNBC is broadcasting from the show this morning. This auto show has the potential to create a lot of hype surrounding a new vehicle and with all the media coverage about the high cost of a gallon of gas, what could be more exciting than the 60 mpg Smart Car, which is brought to America by Zap (ZP)? Coverage of this vehicle could increase public awareness of the vehicle (and more importantly, the stock). I think if you can buy some of the stock near current levels, a stop should go somewhere near 1.95. This is a small speculative play with explosive upside potential.

As for some of the other plays mentioned, momentum should pick back up in CPST above 4.10, if you bought ALTI, the stop should remain near 3.68 and ACPW still looks like it could make a quick move above 5.27