The symbols above are all engaged in the business of fuel cells. This is not meant to be a complete list, but a list of stocks that we can potentially make money from today. First, my favorite has been and continues to be CPST, I like it even more now that the stock has broken out and the shorts are scrambling, if you are long a reasonable stop in CPST would be 3.93.

PLUG is up big in the pre market because of an investement they received. Technically, I really do not like this stock too much, the 50, 100 and 200 day moving averages are all down trending, indicating a longer term down trend. Be aware of the 200 day MA, now found at 5.85, this could potentially act as resistance today. While I do not like this stock and do not intend on trading it today I like the fact it will be up big on volume, this creates more eyes on the fuel cell stocks and will have traders hunting out other ideas in the group.

I own a small position in MCEL, but I am not thrilled with the stock, here is a good example of a stock that just found resistance at the 200 day MA and turned lower at 1.69 last week. The consolidation has occurred on lighter volume so there is a chance it could get moving again here. I think you need to see some volume come in and push the stock above 1.64 before it can sustain any momentum. If it cannot get the volume/ momentum today I will likely sell my shares for a scratch.

ALTI broke out to a new high late last week and is now finding support at the prior resistance near 3.85.

ACPW broke out to a multi year high last week and it has been holding up very well, clearing the recent high of 5.27 could get the momentum into the stock and push it up towards 6.00 quickly.

**check back later I will update these with more information and timeframes**