Stock Market Video Analysis for Week Ending 5/10/13

It was another great week for the bulls and short sellers seemed to be punished extra this week with some spectacular moves in individual stocks. The video below takes a look at trends, key levels of support and different scenarios for the market. Markets trends only end badly for those who fight trends, chase trends … Read More

Stock Market Video Analysis for Week Ending 4/12/13

Markets continue to follow their “path of least resistance” and those who short (or buy $GLD) against the primary trend experienced another punishing week. The trend is your friend unless you fight it. There is a danger with a market which appears to be bulletproof and that is complacency. Complacency sets in when people believe … Read More

Market Thoughts for SPY, QQQ, IWM, XLF 4/9/13

$SPY- held above the key level of 15325-15350 and surprised many (including myself) to rally up to new highs. Short term it is extended and 15550-15600 looks like it should be support. More proof that the benefit of doubt goes to buyers when market is above rising 50 DMA and holds important support levels. $QQQ … Read More

Stock Market Video Analysis for Week Ending 3/28/13

Markets continued to shrug off “bad news” and climbed the wall of worry into new high territory. In continuing with the constant theme of only price pays, ask yourself if your returns for the first quarter would have been better if you had not known any of the news which was supposed to be so … Read More

Video Stock Market Analysis for Week Ending 3/22/13

Markets showed some volatility this week but the mantra of “innocent until proven guilty” continues to be the objective way to look at the trends. Markets can correct by pulling back in price or they can correct through time. Time corrections are a period when we become more selective in new purchases and monitor key … Read More

Markets Still in Primary Uptrend

Markets are still in primary uptrends but are showing short term reason for caution, below are some levels to keep an eye on. $SPY tested support near 15400 yesterday, breaking below that level brings about the possibility of a further decline down towards 15300 which is prior resistance and a 50% retracement of the Feb … Read More