This Webinar occurred after a 3-day weekend. So stock ideas were already recorded separately. So we will go directly to the questions.

01:00- In your book you reference various time frames. In the daily videos,you focus on different
time frames. Specifically, using the 15min TF versus the 10min TF? The book was written
in 2008. What you see in the daily videos is what he is doing today.

02:00- Having entered a trade, using the 15min TF to find higher lows etc. Brian uses
multiple TF's to make the complete picture in addition to this TF.

03:00- Where to get the economic calendar announcements? Stocktwits.
(I use this site.

05:30- Very broad question. With a small account...go slow. Learn the process.

06:47- On your screen, BRBR shows optionable. This means that options are available on the
company for trading. At the end of the line is another number that represents the %ATR.

07:52- Using TC2000 when anchor a VWAP to a candle, the chart plots the line from the middle
of the candle.

09:05: A stock runs through the buy point (and you missed the entry), and it later pulls back,
but does not violate the stop, is there still a viable entry? This depends on the price
action, time of day etc.

10:40- When to sell into a breakout and when to enter a trade on a breakout. Brian defines a
BO at the point where the stock makes a higher high above a flat to rising 5dMA.

14:24- Inflation has no opinion as to what the market will do. Don't look to specific events. Be
aware of the things only.

15:52- Given the current market conditions, how to approach trades differently. Most all of the
ideas are c-list ideas. Still in a stage 4 decline.

19:00- How to use Marketsmith- quick look at the fundamentals. Focus on "does the company
sell more stuff", revenue going up yearly. Making more earnings year/qtr.
TC2000-Market analysis.

25:22- Stock gaps open but does not close the gap within the first 30min, is above the 1day
AVWAP but has not hit R2. How would you enter the trade? "Chase the Gap or wait for
the VWAP". Closing the gap is not relevant, He has a whole article in the tags section
if you search for it.

27:12- Pitfalls in placing larger orders. (In the tens of thousands). Same as always-don't chase,
buy at the open, market order, maybe split the orders.

29:21- Using TC200 "vstop"

30:32- AME-stock that breaks out of the consolidation is the entry point, not the high.

32:33- HD. Can you point out proper entry points.

36:22- Review of AMZN. META, NFLX and how to look at the stock.

41:32- Using the slope of the MA? Direction of the MA is more important than 1-2 closes

42:41- Do you think there is an advantage to becoming an expert in a particular stock? Be an
expert in the market....SPY,QQQ etc. But can focus on certain stocks.

43:42- Generally stay away from stocks mentioned on social media.

45:16- CMT designation and reason for getting it.

49:45- HD setup.

52:32- AMKR and its breakout range.

53:46- MRNA review. Extended

55:06- How to use the ES futures charts. Mostly when high overnight volume and range, and an
early economic report. Generally stick to the SPY.