Maximum Trading Gains with the Anchored VWAP results from decades of research and application by the author. It builds on Shannon’s foundational book, Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes.

Author Brian Shannon, CMT, explains how to use the Anchored VWAP (AVWAP) to make better entries and exits, to time breakouts and breakdowns, and to set stop losses. Both new and experienced traders and investors will appreciate the book’s insights and systematic approach to using AVWAP in a variety of situations including IPOs, support and resistance, market direction, short sales and squeezes, and financial news.

In the author’s words, “The AVWAP represents the absolute truth of the relationship between a stock’s supply and demand, and is 100% objective.” Every chapter includes solid advice on managing risk, which Shannon emphasizes throughout the book, “is Job One.” Shannon is a trader’s trader who avoids jargon. The book offers over 145 color charts, tables and case studies to set out a definitive framework for understanding the three most important components in the market: price, time, and volume. Readers will learn to work with the market’s psychology and their own.

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Stock Market Video Analysis for Week Ending February 16, 2024

Sorry for the low volume, I forgot to swing my microphone over. 00:00 Overview 00:29 Markets Mixed 00:51 S&P500 Analysis 01:56 Price Action 02:37 Market Outlook 03:25 Stock Volatility 04:34 Nasdaq Analysis 05:45 Russell 2000 06:50 Semiconductors Tired 08:18 Crude Oil Analysis 09:41 Energy Stocks 11:04 Bitcoin Breakout 12:16 ETFs vs Crypto

Stock Market & Bitcoin Video Analysis February 9, 2024

00:00 Market Review 00:38 Bitcoin Analysis 01:07 S&P 500 Analysis 01:32 Market Trends 02:06 Managing Risk 02:35 Market Strength 03:10 S&P 500 Targets 03:54 Semiconductor Rally 04:39 Nasdaq Analysis 05:19 Semiconductor Breakout 06:12 Russell 2000 Trend 07:14 Russell 2000 Entry 07:45 Russell 2000 Plan 08:43 Implementing Stops 09:49 Interest Rates 10:51 Oil and Energy 11:05 …

Stock Market Video Analysis for Week Ending February 2, 2024

Did you see the talk I had with Anthony Crudele about the Anchored VWAP in SP futures and ETFs? VIEW IT HERE The alert on Bitcoin at 32:30 is shown at the arrow on the chart below

Stock Market Video Analysis January 31, 2024

The market is currently experiencing profit taking and caution is advised while the market is below the 5-day moving average. ๐Ÿ“‰00:00 Market experienced a gap lower and continued lower, with sellers in control and potential for more profit taking after the Federal Reserve meeting. ๐Ÿ“ˆ00:51 The market is in corrective mode, below a declining 5-day …