6 Replies to “Stock Trade Ideas for 9/16/22”

  1. I find it curious that a 1950-minute SMA shows BNTX breaking past on a 15-minute chart but a 5-day SMA on a 15-minute chart shows it bumping right up against it.

  2. I take that back…I don’t find it curious. A larger data set will result in a smoother line, similar to comparing a 10w SMA on a daily chart vs a 50d line.

  3. 1950-minute SMA on a 15 minute chart? What is that? 130 minute on the 15 minute chart I get, but how do you get 1950 minutes SMA on a chart; which charting platform allows SMAs that large? Do you mean a 1950 sma on a 1-min chart compared to a 130 sma on a 15-min chart?

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