Stock Market Video Trend Analysis 5/29/09

Below is the video with analysis of today’s action and the link for the live webinar scheduled for Sunday 5/31/09 from 8-9PM Eastern {+++} REGISTER HERE We will not discuss any bulletin board stocks or stocks which trade less than 500,000 shares per day. The only questions answered will be the ones asked during the … Read More

Stock Market Video Trend Review 5/1/09

Below is the link for the  live webinar  this Sunday 5/3/09  from 8-9PM Eastern {+++} REGISTER HERE The only questions answered will be those asked live in the event via the chat function, this gives all participants an equal opportunity to have their questions answered.  There will be no support for email questions, thank you.

Stock Ideas & Review 4/28/09

The suggested entries and exits are just one way to trade these ideas, make the ideas your own by adjusting to your style, risk tolerance, patience, time available to trade, etc.  {+++} UPDATED WEDNESDAY MORNING, I accidentally left STJ off the list last night but it was detailed in the video.