I was introduced to Twitter by Howard Lindzon (founder of StockTwits) in June of 2008. At first, I didn’t understand why anyone would use it, boy was I wrong! I not only find value in the information that other people provide online but I have made many very good friends from people I have met on social media.

Below is a list of people I find to be particularly useful, it is not meant to be all-inclusive. The names are in no particular order, except the first five are some people who I think are underfollowed and deserve a light on their work.

Click on the @name of each person below to see their Stocktwits or Twitter profile.

@peterckenny long time NYSE floor trader, I consider him an “old time trader” which is a massive compliment, he has a great sense of what is moving markets and connecting the dots in intelligent, easy to read commentary

@ZorTrades Frank is a no nonsense trader/asset manager who provides actionable ideas and great education which challenges you to think about conventional market “wisdom”

@JBoorman consistent, hardworking, disciplined trend trader who is also a talented musician, solid follow!

@JackDamn good macro technical analysis as well as individual stock ideas

@ivanhoff Great market insights, his book reviews are exceptional and he has written some great books too

@Bclund Brian is a market veteran who has found a great writing voice over the last few years, he has been stepping up his game with the awesome @SparkFIn app which you should download if you have one of those fruit phones, not available on Android (yet)

@CrackedMarket Jani understands market psychology and does a great job of explaining it, quotable nuggets with each write up

@RyanDetrick smart guy with fascinating market stats which give you a sense of historical tendencies

@LDrogen outspoken, smart and opinionated, Leigh founded @Estimize and is doing great work there, follow them both

@WrigleyTom provides a lot of great market commentary, best known for his convenient earnings calendar tweeted out each week

@chicagosean a talented trader who also organizes the fun and informative @Stocktwits meetups throughout the country

@HCPG clean and simple technical analysis which seems to come at the right times

@howardlindzon founder of @Stocktwits provides intelligent, funny insights into equities markets and private equity, also puts on a great annual “Stocktoberfest” which you should attend

@ReformedBroker Josh gets it, doesn’t matter what “it” is, he gets it. I find myself agreeing with so much of what he says, it’s no wonder he dominates the @CNBC show he is on and is one of the most popular bloggers there is

@sssvenky Venky shares great options information and a lot of other helpful market info

@allstarcharts a talented technician, JC likes to be a contrarian and doesn’t mind sharing his opinion, but it is usually right and he’s smart enough to change opinion as price action dictates if he is wrong

@steenbarger One of the hardest working and smartest people I know, his insights into the psychology of markets and peak performance are invaluable

@Mark_J_Perry I’m not sure how he got on my list a few years ago, he is an economics professor who provides lots of interesting and useful information

@RedDogT3 Scott shares an optimistic view of life and great market information

@SJosephBurns Steve provides tons of useful trading information each and every day

@traderstewie Stewie is another positive guy who is an experienced and insghtful trader. He is also a gourmet cook!

@SunriseTrader quick to reminde you that “without our health none of this matters” and he shares a lot of market info which also matters

How to use this list? Take a look at each persons tweets and see if their outlook makes sense to you. I would never tell anyone on social media what to do with their money and I also think it is foolish to “follow” any stock advice of anyone without first doing their own homework on the idea.