Good News?

If “good news” doesn’t make a stock rally, what will?  Shares of Gilead Sciences (GILD) have gapped higher twice in the last week, first on earnings release and then on swine flu H1N1 flu news.  The interesting thing is that the average price after these two gaps higher is approximately 46.83, meaning the average purchaser … Read More

Charts Ahead of Fed

The upside action feels panicky today as “bad news” is met with further buying which increases pressure on the bewildered short sellers.  The QQQQ is now battling with the DECLINING 200 day moving average and that is a reason to keep tight stops on longs.  There is no evidence of selling in the broad averages … Read More

Stock Ideas & Review 4/28/09

The suggested entries and exits are just one way to trade these ideas, make the ideas your own by adjusting to your style, risk tolerance, patience, time available to trade, etc.  {+++} UPDATED WEDNESDAY MORNING, I accidentally left STJ off the list last night but it was detailed in the video.


The markets have shown their resilence to bad news as the buyers stepped in and saved the market from further decline after another gap lower.  There is still reason for concern given the magnitude of this rally, but buyers are still in control. A break of the uptrend lines in the IWM and QQQQ could … Read More