I have been very clear about my email policy in the past, but not everyone listens. So to be clear.

I answer all emails (generally within 48 hours) if you can follow a few simple rules.

1- Please be BRIEF… seriously I do not read beyond the first 2-3 sentences. If you send a long email there is a good chance I will not respond. If you cannot frame your thoughts in 2-3 sentences include a phone number and I will call you (US only) when it is convenient for me.
2- Do not expect proper grammar, punctuation!, spilling, etc. from my emails. It is just email, not a work of literature. Also do not expect long, in depth answers to most questions, most of them have likely been covered in MY BOOK
3- I DO NOT give any specific stock advice, ever. If you ask for specific stock advice you probably will not get a response.
4- I do not respond to emails during the first or last hour of the trading day or during busy market times.
5- Do not send attachments. I will not open them, risks are too high with viruses.
6- I do not do “link exchanges” if you have a blog you think is good you can send me a request to look at and if I like it I will pass it on to my readers.
7- If you have a business proposal include a phone number I can reach you at because I would rather have a phone conversation than read a long email about the details.
8- If I have not responded to your email after 48 hours, email me again and include a phone number because it is possible my response got caught in your spam filter. If you still do not receive a response it is likely that your email got caught in my spam folder (and I never check it). So try sending it again from another email service.

I do not mind questions, but I am just one person, this blog is free and I cannot allow questions to get in the way of trading, cool?

If you send me a long winded email, an attachment, link request, etc. I will send you an email that asks if you read THIS?