BUSINESS WEEK has an article about how people make money from their blogs. It is interesting to me because I feel I provide a valuable service but I haven’t put my finger on how to make any money from it. Some of the people in the article have what look like dumb sites to me but they are making several thusands of dollars per week, so who am I to say its dumb. I have tried google ads, but they are rarely clicked. I have tried Revver videos but a lot of people don’t stick around til the end and click the ads. Revver is going to start a pre roll program soon, so you will have no choice but to view the ad before you get the analysis. I have also tried a “donate” button, but that doesn’t have any appeal for 99% of the people who read my work, for those of you have donated, thanks. My primary goal with the blog isn’t to make money, but is a nice side benefit if it were to make me any money. I even started another blog with a different format to see if it would be any more effective, it’s not, it is less effective. So maybe I should start posting pictures of cats with dumb sayings? Or go to a subscription model. I don’t know, just thinking out loud after reading the article.