Normal trading hours for equities is from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Est. As you are probably aware, stocks also trade prior to and after those hours, this is known as extended hours trading. The pre-market session begins at 8:00 am and the after hours session ends at 6:30 pm. This gives traders an extra 4 hours per day to trade. But there are a lot of variables that make these sessions riskier than trading during the official hours. With that risk though, there are often some fantastic rewards to be had for astute traders, especially during earnings season.

Tomorrow afternoon at 4:15 I will be conducting a free online session about trading after hours. There should be some good opportunities during the session as there are 59 companies scheduled to report earnings, including CSCO and ERTS. During the approximately 30 minute session I will discuss;

-what stocks to trade after hours
-which routes and order types are best
-what are the unique risks
-how to analyze the after hours data

This event is being sponsored by the brokerage firm I use, Terra Nova Trading, you can sign up HERE