Stock Market Video Analysis 10/26/09


Your questions about market concepts only will be answered if in the webinar if you send them to We will still discuss your stock ideas and use the gotomeeting text for those. If you would like your question answered please be concise. I do not expect all questions will be answered but I will save other ones for discussion in videos through out the week. You can send your questions in at anytime but they will only be answered during the live event or in subsequent videos.

for Monday’s (October 26) live event from 8-9 PM Eastern. We will not discuss any bulletin board stocks or stocks which trade less than 500,000 shares per day.

This week we will follow the following format.
1-General market commentary (approx 5 minutes)
2-Stocks I see setting up for early next week (approx 20-25 minutes)
3-Questions about the market in general, meant to be educational (approx 15 minutes)
4-Reader stock requests (balance of the scheduled hour)