New Users: Introductory Course

Welcome to the Alphatrends Introductory Stock Trading Course!

Thank you for purchasing the Alphatrends Introduction to Stock Trading class.  We are excited to help you learn how to become a successful stock trader.

The goal of Alphatrends is to provide actionable education to help you become a more consistent and profitable day or swing trader!  The goal is to make money!!!

This introductory level course is perfect for the beginner who is contemplating if trading is right for them.

Our goal with this class is to:

  • to introduce you to concepts that professional traders use to consistently harvest market profits
  • to help you to understand what really drives the market action over shorter periods of time
  • to show you how to profit from the “perfect timeframe” swing trading 
  • to help you learn how to create a “risk/ reward” assessment for every trade that you are considering
  • to help you determine the next steps for success in the markets

What you get with this course:  3 videos with information essential to successful trading:

VIDEO #1 – 90 Minute Recording

  • Why Trade and What It Takes to Succeed
  • Fundamental vs Technical analysis
  • Intro to technical analysis
  • Chart construction- Price, Volume, Time
  • Candlestick vs Bar Charts
  • Price and Volume Trends – Only Price Pays
  • Timeframes – What is Swing Trading
  • Market Structure; Accumulation, Markup, Distribution, Decline

VIDEO #2 – 90 Minute Recording

  • Support & Resistance – Building blocks of trends
  • Trend Trading- Identify & Understand how and why trends develop
  • Basics of Trend Alignment- Low Risk/ High Probability Trade Identification
  • Selling Short- Why, how and risks
  • Managing Risks of Price, Time and Leverage
  • Order entry types and when to use them
  • Trading Resources & What is Next

VIDEO #3 – 60 Minute Question and Answer Webinar

  • Review of Materials Covered
  • A look at charts to reinforce concepts

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IMPORTANT – if you have to leave a video before you have completed that video, PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF YOUR LOCATION/TIMING IN THE VIDEO so you know where to pick up when you return!

Have fun!

AFTER you have completed the INTRODUCTION course, if you want to increase your education and trading knowledge, you can apply the cost you paid for this Introduction Course towards the cost of the 9-hour Advanced Course, which costs $499.

With the Advanced Course, you get:

  • Over 9 hours of recorded video to view and to review at your own pace.
  • 5 quizzes for you to test yourself on your understanding of the information

AFTER you have completed the Advanced course, you will also get:

  • 1 on 1 Live 30 Minute ($250 Value) private webinar with AlphaTrends founder, Brian Shannon, CMT.
  • 1 Month of Alphatrends PREMIUM Subscription ($129 Value) to continue your trading education
  • Special Pricing on annual PREMIUM Alphatrends subscription of $499/year vs. $799/year
    • With the premium membership you will get; daily stock picks and target stock trading lists, access to the Educational Forums, two live educational webinars, and stocks and overall market analysis through the daily End-of-Day videos and Stock Market Updates.

We look forward to helping you with your trading education and success.

Contact us for any questions and feedback.

Thanks and have fun!

Brian and the Alphatrends Team