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The goal of Alphatrends is to provide actionable education to help you become a more consistent and profitable  day or swing trader!  The goal is to make money!!!

We are excited to help you learn proven stock trading techniques.

What you get with the course:

16 Chapters of Trading Education

1 – Introduction to Trading – Buy & Hold vs.  More Active Approach

2 – Chart Construction – Price, Volume, Time, Candlesticks

3 – The Four Stages – Accumulation, Markup, Distribution & Decline

4 – Support & Resistance – Market “memory” Understanding Supply & Demand for Stocks

5 – Trend Trading – Where The Big Money is Made

6 – Volume Analysis – Psychology of Greed & Fear

7 – Moving Averages – Which Ones, When, Why & How To Use Properly

8 – Trend Alignment – Recognize THE Low Risk, High Profit Trades BEFORE They Move

9 – Short Sales & Short Squeezes – When & How To Short and How to Profit From a Short Squeeze

10 – Risk & Money Management – Recognize and How to Mitigate Risk In Your Trades

11 – Order Entry & Level 2 – When To Be Aggressive vs Passive, Pros & Cons of Various Order Types

12 – Exit Strategies – Cutting Losses & Harvesting Profits With a PLAN

13 – News In Trading – How News Effects The Psychology of Participants and What the True Focus Should Be

14 – Gap Strategies – Causes of Various Types of Gaps & Strategies On Trading Them

15 – Fibonacci & Pivot Levels – Small But Important Levels to Understand

16 – The Business of Trading – Trading Is A Business, Methods for Treating it As One


5 quizzes – to test your understanding, to reinforce the material and to understand what you should review

3 Q&A Sessions with Brian Shannon, to hear answers to frequent student questions


AFTER completing the Alphatrends Intermediate Trading Course, you will also get:

  • 1 on 1 LIVE 30 minutes private webinar with Alphatrends founder Brian Shannon. This is an opportunity to ask questions, ask about specific stock trade ideas, and explore which type of trading timeline and the platform is best for your personal style.  This is an opportunity that isn’t offered anywhere else!  This is a $250 value.
  • 1 month of AlphatrendsPREMIUM membership, to continue your trading education, to have continued access to Brian Shannon for questions and guidance, and for you to interact with other traders in the Alphatrends Community through the two chat rooms.  Alphatrends Premium will allow you to utilize what you’ve learned in the LIVE market to start earning profits immediately after your graduation! This is a $129 value.
  • Opportunity to purchase one year of AlphatrendsPREMIUM membership at $499, a $300 savings. 

Three items total $679 of value, included when you purchase the Intermediate Trading Course!

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IMPORTANT – if you have to leave a video before you have completed that video, PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF YOUR LOCATION IN THE VIDEO so you know where to pick up when you return!  The videos cannot be place-marked so it is important that you make a note of your stopping points.

Class Notes

Also, please take note of the questions you have while going through the course.  If these are not answered in later chapters or in the Q&A sessions, you will want a list of questions for your 30 minutes 1-on-1 with Brian.

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