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The age old question; Chase the gap, or wait for VWAP?

Armed with technical reference points such as short term resistance from the prior day, “floor trader pivot levels” and a VWAP, this video explains the thinking behind a purchase of MYL right after the market open.

When a group is “in play” some of the smaller and lesser know stocks begin to rally towards the end of the sector move.

A trade I was stalking but decided to pass on it

A seminar I did about Moving Averages

There can be big volatility after a Fed Meeting, here’s How I Traded a Fed Announcement

A trade in a Stock Which Gapped Higher


A common question I receive is, how do you display a 5 day moving average on a 10 (or 30) minute timeframe?

Level 2 tutorial video.

The picture directly below is of my main trading machine display. Each of the windows is labeled.

Things We Sometimes Forget As Traders

Historical Market Charts 1929-1934, 1938

This pattern often occurs when Stocks Gap Lower on news.

Various Reader Questions Answered on video.

When stocks gap you can often find Second Chance Entries with VWAP

Market Technicians Assoc (MTA) Seminar Recording

Volume Weighted Average Price- VWAP From the 2009 Low

A couple of educational videos about Trend Alignment and Stock Market Structure

Are you still using 60 Minute Charts?

The targets weren’t achieved, but the methods to determine potential upside targets is still valid. Here’s another measured move analysis which came very close to the 2011 high.

Another Trend Alignment Seminar recording.

How to determine Fibonacci Levels

I don’t use oscillators often but I sometimes look at MACD Divergences

In an uptrend, market action should be considered Innocent Until Proven Guilty It’s really not as difficult as we often make it. This is pretty much the same message a couple of months earlier.

And in a downtrend it should be considered Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Through the years this has been A Constant Theme

A look at the 200 Day Moving Average

Investor Blues

One of 20 Tweeps For Keeps- BARRON’S