Why don’t you have an official track record posted?

No two traders will trade a setup exactly the same and no one will trade all the ideas mentioned. There are a lot of personal variables which vary greatly.  The trading results between various participants  and conditions (are you comfortable buying on the open or do you wait for a pullback, do you sell partial positions on strength, do you only trade stocks under $10/share or maybe over $50?) vary greatly.  The primary goal of Alphatrends is to consistently bring you ideas which are profitable and at the same time do not expose you to large losses.

We have all seen “track records” from various sites and when you study them further you realize that most of the time the results were unobtainable!  Alphatrends stands on the quality of information brought to you each day in an educational format. If you are unhappy with the way this is handled, Alpahtrends may not be a good fit for you.

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