Why do you suggest taking partial profits so quickly?

Remember, the official trade ideas are meant as swing trades, and they are simply suggestions.  It is never my intent to tell people what to do. When we first get involved in a trade and the stock moves quickly, I like to take a little of the profit quickly. Taking this small profit and quick gain accomplishes 2 things. First, it allows us to cover all of our transaction costs on the trade. Secondly, it lets us be in a “position of strength” on the remainder of the position and it doesn’t hurt as badly if the stock reverses course and stops us out. The most common level I suggest taking ⅓ of a position off is at or near daily R2 (longs) or S2 (shorts.) There is no perfect place to take a partial profit, but using the mathematically based pivot levels gives us a consistent method to reduce risk. If the initial sale seems early to you or just doesn’t seem worth it then, do what is right for you! Adjust the trade to your risk profile, holding time, goals, etc.. If you have a question, about alternative stops or levels to reduce exposure, simply ask in the Forums.

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