Which time frame is most important to look at on the chart?

There really is no “one best time frame” to analyze. In order to achieve a true edge in trading it is imperative to study price action on multiple time frames. A minimum of three time frames (long , short and intermediate term) should be consulted before entering a stock position. For swing traders these time frames should be: 1- daily chart of 150-200 days for the long term trend recognition, 2- 30 or 65 minute time frame for 30-50 days for risk/reward determination, and  3- 10/5 or even 2 minute time frame for 2-10 days to fine tune entries For day traders the three suggested time frames are 30/65 minute for long term trend, 10/5 minute time frame for risk/reward determination and 2/1 minute charts for fine-tuning of entry.

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