October Volatility

Here is a look at the average range of the SPY for each 30 minute period during the month of October.For comparison, here is another look at the average range of each half hour for 13 months.Here is more HISTORICAL VOLATILITY on a longer term basis..

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No Predictions

Making trading profits is not about forcing your opinion on the market, but to listen objectively to the message of the market in order to uncover and exploit low risk, high potential opportunities as they are presented. I do not have a grand theme for 2008, to me a guess as to where the […]

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Psychology of a Turnaround in the QQQQ

Technical analysis is not perfect. It is not enough to be able to identify head and shoulders, flags, triangles, shooting stars, dojis, etc. and be able to make money on a consistent basis. There is a lot of technical lingo that many traders take as gospel, “support broken, becomes resistance” is one such example. True, […]

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