Stem Sells

As I mentioned last Thursday… buy the rumor, sell the news. The stem cell stocks have had a huge short term rally over the last four days (green arrow shows where they were when I mentioned the possibility of an election play) and the higher open today was sold into. There does not appear to … Read More

Election Plays?

Stem cell company’s engage in research methods which some people find to be objectionable. President Bush has been one of the largest critics of their methods and has taken the extreme action of vetoing Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research twice. The coming change in administration will bring support for embryonic research (see positions … Read More


The last thing I ever want to turn this blog into is a platform for political debate, I’m not interested in politcs, I’m interested in MONEY! The reason I bring up politics right now is because there may be an overlap between the potentially changing political landscape and ability to profit from it. I am … Read More