A Trade NOT Taken

In the Monday night video with trade ideas for today, it was suggested that ATI was a good long swingtrade candidate on strength above Monday’s high of 1922 REVIEW THE VIDEO HERE

On Tuesday morning, the stock opened weak and continued to go through the suggested stop level, thus ruining the initial risk reward. 15 […]

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A Big Gap Lower

A gap of this magnitude hurts financially and emotionally. When a stock we are holding overnight gaps lower we treat them all the same, regardless of the size of the gap.

We, give it a few minutes to establish if it can get above vwap, if it can, we then use the low of […]

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Risk Management Is Even More Important in a Choppy Market

This trade was NOT a big winner, but it shows how a consistent, disciplined approach can allow us to exit a trade profitably when others who took the same entry may still be holding with a loss of over 5%. We have our share of big winners, but we also know how to lock […]

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Setting Stops, Risk Management is Job #1

In last nights video, we discussed stop placement and used IDTI as an example of how we might handle a lower open. I had no idea that the stock would, in fact, open lower (and below our stop) but I am glad it did because it gives us a great opportunity for review.

In the […]

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More About Breakouts

Two guiding principles of Alphatrends are to ask these questions before we enter any new trade

– Where has the stock come from?
– Where does the stock have the potential to go?

Everyday these questions (along with other helpful reminders) are on our swing sheet with the trading ideas. They are there to make sure we […]

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Risk Management on A Trade

On Thursday we had shares of Western Digital $WDC on our swing trade idea list. The daily sheet showed that we wanted to “buy above 5804 w stop of 5639, raise the stop quickly once the stock is above 5850.” The trade was explained in much more detail (as always) in the video.

Let’s […]

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Risk Management

How many times do I say that it is the most important job? We are in a bear market, here are two disturbing emails I received this weekend.Well…I screwed up big time and I’m hoping you can give me some hope. Yesterday (Friday), I bought $100K worth of shares of CBG at $5.63 and […]

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