Alphatrends Crypto Trading Plan of Action

My Plan for Sharing Crypto Trades on Alphatrends Brian Shannon, CMT First, I’m not a money manager or Registered Investment Advisor. I do not make recommendations about what percentage of your overall portfolio should be allocated to different asset classes. I do know that cryptos should be considered part of your riskiest assets and therefore … Read More

Bitcoin Simple Moving Averages and Fibonacci

When there are no traditional fundamentals to value an asset, technical analysis can provide more insight than people realize. Notice how some simple moving averages and Fibonacci retracement levels have acted as both support and resistance during the recent volatility. The daily chart above shows how the late December selloff in Bitcoin saw a sharp … Read More

Bitcoin – Is Perception Enough to Become Reality? Survey Results and My Thoughts

There are no shortage of strong opinions on the matter of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin $BTCUSD I am very intrigued by it from a number of reasons. 1- I am a trader and the volatility is amazing. It seems to me that there are a lot of amateurs trading the crypto currencies and that creates a … Read More