0000-0215 : Make the trade your own. Now that new subscribers have had a chance to learn Brian's "method" they should consider to begin to put money behind a trade. Use the mid-day video to confirm what you are thinking.

02:15: Ongoing trade reviews: SIG, VSCO, NBIX, RUN, SUNW, ORA, ASO, CCRN, SPWR

1826: Brian gives a good review of how the 5DMA will change when older data is replaced with newer data and thus the 5DMA will change direction. And where to place a stop.

27:17: Are Analyst upgrade predictable? Random

27:26: Do you put alerts on longer term patterns? No. He looks at the stocks daily.


28:32: Long term investor, ideas from the weekly chart. risk/reward on the daily, and then entry on maybe a 30Min chart.

29:32: Brian does not set stops until after the market opens. He disagrees with the person who sent in the question who prefers setting stops ahead of the market.

31:49 Why do you use the 5DMA? Developed over time. For him he found this works best.

32:33- Brian does not use any other indicators. You see what he uses.

34:16- Using the current day's AVWAP to place stops? Use Higher Highs to move stops (long position).

35:52: How to place 5DMA on various platforms? It depends on the timeframe that you are using. You need to adjust the "period" on the MA to get a 5DMA NOT a 5MA. (eg. 65 periods on a 30min time frame)

38:00- How to build a watch list? Master list is the same for personal and public lists. Includes energy, even though he does not personally trade them, as they are part of the overall picture of the Market.

39:38-Thoughts on HON stock.

42:34-Regarding Options. Does not talk about them. Not an option service.

43:40- If the chance of the market going sideways for a while, is swing trading better adapted for that environment versus long term position trading.

45:00- MA's do provide both support and resistance. LRN stock review. When the MA's are not in alignment, move on to another stock. Looks for trend alignment.

46:23-What is Brian's personal screen layout?

48:28- Using VZ, where is the starting point "where did the stock come from?"

50:46- End of day trading.

51:09- Determine when the market will trend versus chop. Uses the MA to help determine this.

53:15- When trading the ES(futures). Not a futures service.

54:20- How do you track important events? Google "economic calendar."

55:18- Brian uses TC2000, not trading view.

57:20- Stocks or sectors that you favor? Growth stocks.

57:55- Brian does trade the indices. He does not give specific entry/exit points but does lay out his thoughts in the videos.

Thank you for taking the time to make these notes David!