0000: Bonus Webinar
Review of the SPY posted on Twitter.
0435: AMPS trade update
0748: ORA trade
0951: AHT trade
1218: ASXM trade
1409: FLNC
1900: C-list ideas

2655: Removing the first 1/3 of a trade.
2722: Which time frame do you use Fibonacci levels on?
2931: What differentiates an A,B, or C stock.
3101: Which MA's does Brian use?
3124: Stops only adjusted in the mid-day video or end of day video
3436: Average win rate, about 50%.
3735: Pullback to the 2D VWAP entry technique.
3817: When is it time to remove the VWAPS?
4027: KGC and computer generated trading affecting VWAP.
4117: ESTY trade review. Exit and re-entry.
4256: How and when to anchor the VWAP on the Daily chart.
4720: Not setting stops overnight and waiting for the first 5 min of the trading session.
4824: Send individual stock questions to the Forum and not the Webinar. The webinars are for teaching/educational purposes.
4915: DVN trade. How to deal with dividend adjusted charts.
4955: What about holding stocks when there will be an important announcement forthcoming.
5055: Can not advise on London Exchange stocks.
5146: Send individual stocks to the Forum.
5211: Stop question again.
5235: Does the overall trend of the market affect individual stocks more depending if we are in a Bear or Bull
5352: AMPS: How to adjust when there is a wide spread between the Bid and Ask price?
5535: How to day trade for a living book on day trading. Posted a comment on Twitter because he liked the
5646: Script for AVWAP on Think or Swim?
5742: SEND ONE QUESTION per EMAIL Please........
When/how is Volume important?