These are the notes and timestamps for the webinar.

0000-2144 : Open positions and new trade ideas.

2202: Do NOT set stops in the pre-market. Brian sets alerts and then looks at the stock when it gets the alert.
Same with the R2 target. Set an alert BEFORE the target.

2149: Question about ENPH and sloping of the MA lines. Brian felt the 40Wk MA was not sloping down. Don't worry so much about Stage 3/4. When is the stock obviously making Hugher Lows? Repeated tests of
resistance? Above the MA's. These are the things to look out for.

2815: Scaling back after entering a swing trade. usually after taking profit, Brian is generally not looking to get back in. Each trade set up based on it's own merits.

2922: When scanning for stocks, can you go over what you are looking fot? Look at the C-list ideas. These are the things Brian emphasizes. You are seeing the trades that are qualified. You don't see the ones that are

3117: Would you consider doing a live trading session. No. Ease the learning curve by trading slower. Avoid day trading.

3334: CRDO. Was the entry later in the day at 10:15 as price came abck up above the AVWAP acctually chasing, or a good entry point? Assuming the Stop Loss was at the ame point, since the 2nd entry was higher,
then reducing position size would have been advisable. The R/R changed.

3608: The first exit at daily R2 is simply to reduce risk. The rest of the trade is mangaged using the definition of trend ( Higher Highs - Higher Lows) Raise stop up to the higher lows on the time frame we are on.

3730: More weight to trend dalignment of the AVWAP? Trend alignmnet first.

3917: Simple MA uses the closing prices. AVWAP is better so we only look at the other MA's because other people use them.

4133: DLO evaluation. Still below the declining 200MA. Rsistance band overhead. Recent rally.

4322: ELV traede from the morning.

4526: Using limit or market orders. He does use Limit orders and Level 2.

4833: How to take the trade as price crosses the AVWAP.

5240: Using the 5 min rule where the stock opens near the previous days close (no gap). ONLY wait 5 min to set the stop if there was a Gap at the open.

5351: MOS daily chart. Wanting to know how to trade/use a "pinch".

5609: Adding a study using TC2000.

5700; How much above an entry price to give it?