2558: JELD trade. (8/9/22) review.

2647: Setting up VWAP. OHLC/4 is what you want in setting VWAP up.

2734: Brian's screens and the MA's on those screens is what he uses. Uses less than what is in his book.

2845: Entering a trade at the open if it breaks a level. 1) GAP up-don't chase. Wait for pullback 2) If there was a pullback the day before, want a test of the level and then a slight pullback to be able to tighten stop 3) If it trades sideways for a while, may set stop at the low of the day.
PGY example.

3100: Assets allocation. Only trade a portion of the account on swing trading.

3308: Using the 130 and 190 minute charts. Very seldom use them.

3520: Is an undercut preferable to a higher low? ACLS as an example.

3638: Volume profile? Brian does not use it. What you see is what he uses.

3851: REIT. Brian does not trade them.

3932: How do you get floor trader pivots? (R1 for example) They are calculated by the software.

4100: How to implement shorts? Does not use options. Just shorts the stock itself. If no stock is available to short, then would use a put.

4153: Setting up the MA in TC2000.

4250: Options trading. Leave them to the professionals.

4442: Using Level 2. There are too many "fake positions" there, the value is limited.

4600: Does not use volume buzz on TC2000.

4658: TC200 multi time frame screens.

4902: Focusing on the stock with the highest daily volume from the watch lists. If it works for you...great. Do what works for you.

4952: Option Chains. Do not use them.

5020: Fine tuning entry at the open when looking at volume conformation with the break out. Only use price.