v0047: Current positions and new stock ideas


2513: Using the 5DMA for "trend trading"? Make the time frame your own. The 5DMA is good for 2-3 weeks. Use the 10,20 DMA for longer time frames. Use the 5DMA for entry on the shorter TF and then a stock proves itself, go to the longer TF.

2806: ASLN review: Ascending triangle pattern

3040: Trading Indices: QQQ's. Common scenario when GAP up on a declining 5DMA. See diagram at 33:00.

3448: Different VWAP's with Non dividend adjusted charts. Not concerned about the difference. Since the use of VWAP is a level of interest, not an exact entry number, the difference is irrelevant.

3655: Any relevance to what the SPY is doing when entering a trade? May adjust entry to what the SPY is doing at the same time. eg If SPY is going up and we are entering a short, will adjust share size down.

3745: Brian does not use any screening software. Gather info from FinViz.

3849: Using AVWAP when price corrects over time (in a range) vs. a pullback. Price action dictates.

4117: Using the 1min chart for day trading.Can anchor the VWAP from important highs/lows of the trading day.

4220: Using the 130 period SMA as an approximation for the 5DMA on a 15Min chart? YES
1950min/time frame you are in.

4317: Rolling VWAP. Does not like it. Adds back the random nature of time.

4420: Level 2 screen. Does not use Level 2 for the most part.

4610: Jeff Cooper Books. Hit and Run Trading .

4627: Min stock price-not really care. But will not trade OTC.

4718: "Never doubt an FTD" attage. (Follow through days). Does not do.

4900: LLY. Stock review

5112: Trading accounts : Think or Swim and Interactive broker.

5242: ALTA review

5430: PLL trade being "no good". Means it hit the stop first so this changes the risk/reward so the original tradesetup is off the table.

5629: SPY undercutting the VWAP.

5801: Do not worry about FIFO.

5850: LTHM stock review.

1:00:00: When you have multiple AVWAPS, which one gets the higher priority? They all are. All TF's are important too to give a clear picture and how they come together.

1:01:47: Large offers as bullish or bearish?

1:02:53: Hard to borrow stocks

1:03:26: DQ stock review.

1:05:30: BABA review