Brian discusses several stocks and their potential for growth. He mentions the stocks STX, Dash, LZ, Affirm, RPD, Flextronics, Frog, Infa, Jabil, Path, S, and Signet Jewelers. For STX, bought at $72.60, he suggests raising the stop to $75.49 to lock in more gains if the stock is stopped out. Dash, bought at $88, should remain at a stop of $93.59, and LZ should be raised to break even at $11.30. AFRM, he says, looks like it is in the beginning of an uptrend and suggests buying it above its current high with a stop at $24.97. RPD could see growth if it goes above $52.80 with a stop at $51.22. Flextronics, Frog, and Infa should be watched, but involvement should wait until they steady out. The speaker plans to monitor the last stocks—Jabil, Path, S, and Signet Jewelers—and suggests doing the same.