Below is a recent short sale outlined for Alphatrends subscribers. The details of all trades are followed up on for subscribers until the trade is closed. This example is meant to show the process, all subscribers are always encouraged to "make the trade their own" and trade it according to their own personal factors. Obviously, not all the trades on Alphatrends are winners, but every single one of them has a solid reason for entry and risk management is emphasized every step of the way.

Level of interest = place to look to shorter timeframes for evidence the buyers are gaining control and then plan the trade with if a favorable risk/ reward is present. NOT an automatic place to do business

How and why to use the 5 Day Moving Average

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Through Tuesday,the SPY has seen 7 moves greater than 5%

The ANCHORED VWAP is valuable on on every single timeframe

Stocks in downtrends are "Guilty until proven innocent"

Have you seen what happened to the stocks that were liquidated as Bill Hwang's fund were liquidated 13 months ago? UGLY!!