6 Replies to “Midday Video Update 11/20/23”

  1. Did BSY not meet your definition of gapping up, then dipping below before back above VWAP? I got in

  2. Reed, BSY gapped up and touched daily R2 in the first 2 minutes of the day, it was not reasonable to purchase it after that quick move. One of the guidelines is if it touches R2 prior to entry it invalidates the trade because most of the expected range has been taken up prior to entry.

  3. Brian In last nights video you mentioned both PATH and RHI as “not ready and to watch”. In the mid-day video you mentioned entries on both of them. Can you comment on what changed your mind going from a watch to an actual entry. Thanks

  4. I mention “if you are long” from a price. I was merely pointing out the potential entry and how to manage them. I did enter PATH but not RHI. The reason they are on watch is they are less likely but still possible. The idea is to put them on your radar

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