9 Replies to “Stock Trading Ideas for 5/3/21”

  1. Brian, spreads are more than 20 cents in recent official ideas, even at the beginning of the session. Which makes them be almost non tradable, with bigger sizes impossible.
    Can we ask for more liquid ideas please.

  2. Yes, I understand the logic, but dbd, unfi, they have big spreads, sometimes more than 20cents, in percentage it’s huge. Maybe the criteria should be enlarged?

  3. I mean, if I trade 3-6k shares of the official ideas (I trade only official)), Today both ideas are extremely hard to trade with these spreads

  4. The minimum volume will not be changed, 500K is typically sufficient. It is up to each subscriber to choose the ones they think make the most sense for them. I think it is a mistake to only trade the official ideas, there are often some great winners in the “watch” ideas.

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