5 Replies to “Stock Trading Ideas for 1/13/21”

  1. Hey Brian,
    Sometimes you mention waiting for a pullback on an extended stock before entry, like you did here for CRSR. Am I correct to assume that a rebound from a higher-low allows us to raise our stop for the purpose of buying more shares with the same risk? or is it only used as a confirmation of trend continuation?

  2. I´ve been stalking and taking a couple of shots on PLL for the last week, with break-even results so far, but I will probably try again tomorrow.
    I can see that there are some stocks that have to be bought on pullbacks like NNOX or FUV

  3. Hello Brian:

    Regarding PERI, how do you suggested to enter this stock if goes straight to the price entry at the open????. The entry price is above R1.

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