6 Replies to “Stock Trade Ideas for 11/23/22”

  1. Exciting to see so many names perking up here let’s end the year with some nice action finally

  2. If we are watching a stock like INMD to find resistance at AVWAP from the gap up 5 days ago, could we look to short it there in a day trade scalp with a stop just above it?

  3. I am a trend trader, I do not consider or recommend that anyone short a stock that is above a rising 20 and 50 DMA. Doesn’t mean they cannot work but odds are not good.

  4. Brian, in the video you mention a few symbols that I don’t see on the B or C list. DXCM, ETSY, WRBY, CDNS, INMD. I may not be looking in the right place as I just joined your program.

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