5 Replies to “Stock Market Video & Trade Ideas for 9/30/22”

  1. I would ask you to please NOT stop mentioning day trade scenarios to subscribers! I enjoy learning about day trades and I think the knowledge from that can be extrapolated to the swing time frame and is certainly useful when analyzing entry points for a swing trade. Everyone knows the risks of day trading and if they don’t and do it anyways then THEY DESERVE TO LOSE THEIR MONEY, as you always say. Please continue with the occasional day trading info nuggets!!!

  2. I appreciate your tweet. I made money off of it. I have been day trading the past few weeks. I do understand what you are saying about people questioning and having to explain yourself. I do like your ideas and then decide what to do with them on my own. So thank you!

  3. Great musicians that have mastered their art will often bend the “rules” and produce exceptional music that a regular musician would falter at if tried. This ability sets them apart from the crowd and elevates their “product” beyond the conventional. Only a fool would call them out for “not following the rules”. Those of us that recognize the skill and experience that provides them the opportunity to perform in such a way just observe and aspire to gain such confidence! Keep being you and let the fools flounder in their folly. I hope you don’t stop sharing all your mastery of trading. Cheers.

  4. Hey Brian – I thought it provided a lot of insight into your thought process and how you manage risk effectively. You got out very quickly without hesitation.
    I understand that Alpha Trends is not a day trading service; but there’s a lot of good information we can parse out from that trade. Whether the trade happens intraday, daily, weekly, or monthly–the risk management portion still remains the same. If you ever decide to share a day trade you took someday, perhaps you could consider just sharing within Alpha Trend on your daily videos. I thought it was valuable FWIW.

    You’ve been a huge influence in my trading journey and I’m very much looking forward to your new book. Thanks again for being so generous with your time and knowledge. You’re awesome and you kicked butt on Fox the other day.

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