Stock Market Analysis for Week Ending 5/27/22

What is “RISK ON or RISK OFF?”

What is a dip?

Did you see the signs a bounce was coming?

Those bounces came at some key Anchored VWAP levels

You didnt have to buy beaten down garbage stocks to make money. You could have purchased

ATEN at 1488 it closed at 15.78 today, up 6% from the mention.


SWIR at 2084 it closed at 22.37 today , up 7.3% from the mention.

The ALPHATRENDS SUBSCRIPTION SALE ends at midnight May 30, it really is a great deal

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  1. Put the methods you teach to use on several of my own picks and had a stellar day. Realized profits today paid for way more than my subscription cost. Still have some open trades too. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

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