Short Sale Candidates for the Week of 9/13/21

We are in a bull market, when I sell individual stocks short and the overall trend of the market is higher, I;

– trade smaller share size
– do not chase weakness lower
– take partial profits quickly
– lower stops above “the most recent lower high”
– honor stops, no justification of holding a loser

These are not recommendations, just chart observations of weak stocks which look ripe for downside.
As always, “make the trade your own.”

One Reply to “Short Sale Candidates for the Week of 9/13/21”

  1. Brian, I would like to thank you for this concise training video.
    Please continue with this type of focused, i.e. theme based short videos.
    It’s the consistent high quality content that makes your service valuable for us.
    Some people might think that you are repeating things, but I find little nuances every time you bring these topics up.

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