2 Replies to “Midday Video Update 6/4/21”

  1. BBIG: Hi Brian, I noticed that in addition to an opportunity in the premarket there is sometimes another chance. If these R2,R3+ gap up stocks can hold the iVWAP – digest their gains – then one often has a chance to enter at noon for a second leg up. Of course the new stop would then be the low of day or the last intraday swing low depending on your risk tolerance. So I am in at 4.08 around noon, exited half of the position as we moved on and hold the rest overnight. Any thoughts appreciated.

  2. Alphatrends is a swing trade service. The ideas I present are for that timeframe. If it does not fit the criteria from the start, I remove it simply so we can follow other ideas and not have too many on our watch. I always encourage everyone to “make the trade their own” meaning, if you are an investor, trade with a larger stop. If you want to day or swing with other parameters you should do so. There is no perfection in trading but I strive to bring the lowest risk highest probability trades each and every day. I am glad you did “make the trade your own”

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