2 Replies to “Midday Video Update 3/31/21”

  1. Brian:

    I Know that BCEI was out of the list but I wonder to ask something. Is a valid entry to enter today when the stock goes through the vwap. I see a repeat pattern in the morning that the stock is inmediately sell off but then goes up and through the Vwap. Normally I take the trade when the stock is above the 5dma, but today the stock was below. What is your opinion about this trade.

    Best regards

  2. You have to remember that I present one way to trade these stocks. To me, they are the lowest risk entries at the time I mention them. I took the name off the list this morning because it had violated the suggested stop and would have made for a much different trade with more risk. I always encourage everyone to “make the trade their own” which simply means, it is is your money, you should always do what you feel is right at the time.

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