7 Replies to “Midday Video Update 1/21/21”

  1. bit confused clne didn’t gap and hit trigger price, what am i missing that meant this wasn’t a trade?

  2. As always, make it your own. I mentioned it was risky about 3 times in the video last nite so, to me it means GO SLOW and that includes not chasing strength on the open. If you di purchase it, it was a quick small loss.

  3. Brian:

    I traded CLNE Today, because the first candle was up and went through vwap, I take the loss go on, but I have some doubts regarding the entry because the first 1 min candle goes through vwap and the level 10.68.

    Looking forward your answer

  4. Yeah was aware it was a risky play and no problem with the loss. Maybe next time on the risky ones wait for a pullback and to reclaim vwap even if it does trigger at the open?

  5. When I go out of my way to say it is risky, I think some people think “must be a big reward” my emphasis is ALWAYS risk management. If I view the stock as risky then I am happy to let it go without me or wait.

  6. Thanks Brian, I did listen to what you said and used smaller position size, as I said no issue with losing on it just trying to learn.

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